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The Hit Squad

The Hit Squad is the evangelism department which holds the primary objective of winning souls to the kingdom of God continually and consistently.

Retainership Department

This department consist of all structures, procedure and processes, and coordination of efforts directed at ensuring effective Follow-up with a view to establishing new believers and establishing them in the church.

Called-In Unit

The vision behind this unit is to, via the instrument of phone calls, extend a hand of fellowship to new converts, first timers, and visitors and guests to the church. They are to also give first hand compliments to birthday/wedding anniversary celebrants, etc, from the church as a family unit where oneness, love and unity is preached and practised. The unit has several dedicated platinum lines for this purpose.

Ushering/Protocol Department

This department is responsible for ensuring warm welcome and reception for worshippers and guests, correct conduct, orderliness, adequate security and queue management within the church auditorium during the services.

Prayer Band

A group of members dedicated to the ministry of prayer and intercession to advance the mandate of RHCM and to frustrate the counsel of the kingdom of darkness in all ramifications. They are saddled with the task of ensuring a sustainable yet perpetual intercessory prayer chain which ensures that the prayer altar of the church does not go cold.

Media Department

The media department is responsible for all the media needs of the church: audio, visuals, digital and otherwise during services and thereafter.

Sound Engineering Department

What this department does encompasses reviewing sound equipment as well as cables and wires to ensure and establish connections, test relevant instruments and ascertain that all items are ready and in sync for church service. This department caters for all sound requirements for successful and impactful meetings, outreaches and services.

The Music Department

This department is responsible for leading the congregation in quality worship and praise sessions towards achieving a sustained connect with the Holy Spirit throughout services. They consist of singers, instrumentalists and other music administrators who plan, assist and direct in special numbers, hymns, musical concerts (e.g. Christmas carols) and outreaches/crusades.

Membership Department

This department is the arm of the church that completes the first impression process and demonstrates love and hospitability values to First-timers and visitors alike. They act as primary source of data collection and feedback system, properly profiling and managing church members’ data.

Royal Guards

The members of the Royal Guard are charged with the security and safety of lives and property of members and visitors to the church both within and outside the church premises and its immediate surroundings during services. They manage assets, permissions and access to church premises for various purposes.

Logistics Department

In the logistics department, the church’s fleet of vehicles are properly managed and carefully utilized for the transportation of church members and guests to and fro church meeting. They are in charge of vehicle maintenance, registration, insurance and other formalities and ensure regular update of same.

Facilities Department

This department is responsible for the management of the church’s landed property, other physical properties and assets.

Publicity Department

This group functions to disseminate information on church programs (e.g. crusades, outreaches, special programmes, etc), and strategizing on how to get this information to a wider audience. Publicity tools include social media, posters, flyers and banners, radio/tv adverts, etc.

Sanctuary Keepers

Sanctuary keepers ensure control of dust, dirt and waste management within and outside the church premises. These keepers maintain an excellent standard of cleanliness at all times and in every meetings.

Beautification Department

Members of the beautification department ensure the overall beauty and aesthetics of the facility are in excellent order working on colours, design of the backdrops, altar décor, fabric, flowers, vases, etc.